QUADO's inspiration

When thinking about TARÉ’s designs, the forms should look as

simple as the word TARÉ sounds.

Our first collection Quado represents a piece of art inspired from Beirut city.

Upon observation, Beirut appears to be a concrete jungle. Its facades are spread haphazardly, all made of one brut color. On the other hand, transparency is the physical theory responsible about light travel through the milieu. This theory represents a touch of glass, a reflexion of a blue sky during day time, and darkness during night time.

The context is composed of two materials: concrete and glass, shaping human activities in architectural forms. These two materials initiated a part of Quado’s display, but the addition of fresh greenness created the difference, contrast, and vibrancy. With these factors all combined, Quado was created.

Quado’s design 

Quado is created by using the non-finito and all "fait main" hand crafted techniques, making each piece we create distinct and unique from the other.


The materials used are natural concrete and glass. The concrete pieces go through a one week process where they develop natural cracks by specific chemical reactions inside them.

A manufactured transparent glass cylinder will hold inside a green life.

The display can be found with two different colors and textures:

Natural light and Basalt, with two different textures: silky/soft effect or Matt/scrape effect.

Quado, a unique concrete creation