Found in the heart of Beirut in August 2017, TARÉ is a product and interior design brand that offers to its clientele an artistic production of elegant art pieces in relationship with nature and endeavor interiors speaking the language of nature.


Art Work (Artistic production)


TARÉ’s artwork is always in contrast, ‘fait main’ hand crafted designs, combined with natural verdant life. 


Our very first collection Quado, is an inspiration of our city Beirut, in relation to a passion towards the green kingdom. The design  creates a balance between a plant and a concrete design.


We dedicated the brand concept to raise the value of the life of a human being through a verdant life, to make our community aware about the importance of plants in our lifecycle.  


We always insure that we create sophisticated designs to reveal dignified and conceptual collections.


TARÉ also offers plants design, design consultation, interior design, and architecture services.